Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekly TV Roundup #6

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Pretty Little Liars
Turn of the Shoe - aired 6/18/13

I love that the Liars are still not trusting Mona. I think she deserves it after all of the crap she has put them through. I still don't trust her completely. Part of me wants to but another part of me is saying it's just part of her little game. The attack on her by the masked person when she got in her car was perfect timing. I'm always excited when a new episode opening begins, especially with a twist. 

I'm getting mad at Toby for hiding stuff from Spencer! I know he wants to know what happened to his mom but what about your girl, dude?! She is a total catch. Except for that time she went all mental hospital on everyone. Is it wrong to think A is behind her rejection from UPenn?

I cringed when I saw Emily popping those pills. And now I'm suspicious of Hanna's mom. Also, how cute is Aria's new martial arts instructor?!

I was overjoyed at Hanna confronting Shauna, and Spencer confronting Ezra! About time for both.

Ali's mom is creeping me out completely. Why is she now coming home? And the bird, really? 

So, the end of the episode leaves me still wondering about Mona and where her loyalty lies, and if Hanna's mom really did have something to do with Wilden's death. I wouldn't be shocked if she did. Or if she was going to end up framed for it. That guy put her family through a bunch of misery for no good reason.

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