Sunday, March 31, 2013

Trend obsession: crop tops and flowy skirts

Happy Easter, blog readers!

This week I am loving crop tops and flowy skirts! They look to be the perfect spring/summer combination. I have yet to try this trend personally but I think it's gorgeous and crop tops and flowy skirts are on my shopping wish list.

                                                                   Source: via Angela on Pinterest

                                                                   Source: via Angela on Pinterest

                                                                    Source: via Angela on Pinterest

Sadly, these items are few and far to come by. Here are my favorite finds, all from Forever 21. I especially love the lace and leopard crop tops and the ikat print skirt. I think these tops would go great with the skirts directly below them. I'm trying to decide which to add to my closet!

What are your favorite places to shop for crop tops? Which of these would you purchase?

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Friday, March 29, 2013

high five for friday (5) + just a friend

It's my favorite day of the week! Mostly, because I love reflecting on the past week and remembering the high points of it for the High Five for Friday link up. It's my spring break this week (from internship) and there were definitely some high points.

1. I got to see my best friend! R was in town for just a few days and I sent him a text at just the right moment this week. We met for lunch Wednesday. It is always wonderful to catch up with him - time apart does not change our friendship at all and that's what I love most. Expect a post about this oldest friend of mine at some point because he has been there for me when I have needed someone most.

2. Another good friend moment for the week. I work myself up over a lot of things, and J has been there for me a lot these past few years. She does a great job of bringing me back to reality and not letting me beat myself up too much.

3. I get to see those 2 smiling faces this weekend: for Easter lunch and {hopefully} babysitting them with my brother. H (the girl) + B (the boy) are my cousin's twins and they have brought infinite joy to our family since their arrival in 2011. Byron and I enjoy babysitting them because it's brother and sister hanging with brother and sister.

4. I'm going through with the big decision I posted about last week. Thanks to you lovely ladies who commented on that post. And, thank you to E who I had a long conversation with over the weekend about this decision. That woman gets me. I'm a lucky lady to have her as a friend. Expect pictures, and a story, to follow, it's happening today!

5. My big meeting this week was so worth it. I was a nervous wreck but it had a very positive outcome and I hope I have more to share in a few weeks! If nothing comes of it, I at least learned that people appreciate when I take the initiative, which is something very outside of my comfort zone. I'm in a weird place right now - a mix of fear and excitement and I'm hoping by the end of April the fears will have vanished and the excitement will be even better. Countdown to graduation: 43 days!

6. OK, this is a bonus one! Check out the giveaway I am co-hosting this week. The contest closes in three days!

Now, please enjoy these tunes from Biz Markie. 
I nearly cried when I saw this song was from 1989 - it's almost as old as me.

Just a Friend by Biz Markie on Grooveshark

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

Linking up with Lauren and Whitney!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You gotta have faith

If you haven't checked it out yet, go take a look at the giveaway I'm co-hosting this week with some lovely bloggers. Enter to win a few gift cards and ad spaces! Good luck!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A picture speaks a thousand words....well these say less than a thousand, but their messages are pretty darn powerful. Enjoy!

I'm really trying to live by this one right now
                                                        Source: via Angela on Pinterest

                                                                Source: via Angela on Pinterest

                                                              Source: via Angela on Pinterest

                                                                 Source: via Angela on Pinterest

And last but not least, some humor. And truth. What has happened to me?

                                                        Source: via Missouri on Pinterest

Share your favorite pins over at The Vintage Apple!

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

First things first: 2

I am making an effort these next few weeks to gather my thoughts and work on some creative, well thought-out posts. I'm really going to try to hone in on what my focus is. I'm also starting a weekly series on Sundays called Trend Obsession. See this week's post about my love for all things maxi - skirts and dresses, that is.

Before I get to the rest of my post, I have to share this awesome giveaway Vanessa is hosting over at Ramblings of a Makeup and Shopping Addict. I feel her on the shopping addict thing! I have been eyeing the Naked palette for quite some time. As if I don't have enough eye-shadow already! It's seriously gorgeous.

For today, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join Halie at Penguins, Pasta, and Polka Dots for the weekly link-up: First Things First.

First Things First

Today's topic is roommates. I had quite the roommate experiences in college. First, I lived with a high school classmate {Allie} who I didn't know very well. My second year I lived with a friend {Kelly} and two other girls, who were friends with each other. One of those girls was certified crazy. At one point we feared our lives. Someone was looking out for us because she moved out quickly enough and we got a really sweet girl that replaced her. My third year was rough. I lived with my brother and a girl I was friends with, and her friend. We had it out with each other quite often, usually my brother and I vs. them. I spent a lot of time at my boyfriend's apartment that year. Fourth year, I roomed with my friend {Kelly} again and it was a perfect experience. Soon enough, if I have a job, we plan to room together again, in our hometown this time.

1. First roommate(s)

A high school classmate named Allie. Our time living together was wild and to this day she is still the only person I have ever shared a room with! I've basically been a spoiled brat my whole life.

2. First time living away from home (when/where/why)

August 2006. Tallahassee, FL at FSU, because I was going to college.

3. First college dorm room (we want to see pictures and read explanations!) 

We lived in Southgate - an "off campus" dorm that set just opposite campus, right along a campus road. It cost more than it was worth to live there but I waited around until past the last minute to apply for housing, so it was this or an apartment off campus and my Mom was terrified of that idea. I don't really have any pictures of the room but here's two shots: looking at the door, and pretty much the opposite view from the same spot. We each had a desk, armoire, and bed. We left room in the middle for lots of activities. The nice part was: our own bathroom to share. No communal toilets or showers. The floor we lived on was co-ed. The air conditioner was either hot or cold and we rarely agreed on what temperature it should be set to. But that girl was great. I wouldn't have traded my college dorm room experience.

Allie and me

Kelly and me, in my dorm

Have you got any horrifying roommate experiences? What about a great roommate experience? Please share with me!

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Another giveaway!

I participated in my very first blogging giveaway last week. Entries are still open to win the Clarisonic Mia 2 by the way, so go check it out and get your last entries in before the contest closes this evening!

Now, another sponsor of mine this month/blogger who is sponsoring me is also hosting a giveaway! Here is the information on the giveaway Melissa and friends are hosting! Over $150 worth in gift cards are yours for the taking, from just about everywhere: Target, Starbucks, Etsy, Amazon, iTunes, Victoria's Secret (my personal favorite!), Forever 21, B&N, and Francesca's. There are also 2 ad spaces up for grabs! So start entering to win all these fabulous things below and be sure to check out the fabulous bloggers who are giving away these prizes.

Group giveaway
1 // Sarah  // $15 Starbucks Gift Card
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8 // Angela // $15 iTunes Gift Card
9 // Nikki // Forever 21 Gift Card
10 // Chloe // $10 Barnes & Nobles Gift Card
11 // Melissa // $10 Francesca's Gift Card

Which of these awesome prizes would you be most excited to win???

Be sure to check these other lovelies out today!

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Trend obsession: maxi dresses and maxi skirts

I have a new trend obsession: maxi dresses, maxi skirts - basically anything long and flowy. I own 3 maxi dresses and after looking at these beauties I have decided 3 is not enough. Now I need to decide which one is my favorite!

The mint strapless maxi dress can also be worn as a maxi skirt! The maxi skirts here both look perfect for spring - summer wear.

My favorite here is the navy floral strapless maxi dress - sad story, it's sold out online in my size, and not sold in stores! Love the ombré dress! I can't get enough of the chevron prints on the other two...nothing like a print like this to draw the eye down and make my 5'2" frame look taller.

Which dress or skirt is your favorite? Are there any other maxi style items you have on your wish list?

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Giveaways galore!

Hello lovelies and happy Saturday! I've got a few neat things to share with you today!

I just entered the Follow Me on Bloglovin Massive Giveaway over at Hayley's World! $100 to PayPal, $100 to Amazon, $100 to Etsy, and $30 to Target - some of my favorite places!

Which one would you be most excited to get?

For me personally, I would love Target (obviously) but I think I would like Amazon or Etsy even more. I always find the neatest things on Etsy, like this calendar I am currently coveting. You pick the pattern, color(s), monogram style and shape! You can also get it in ombré! With the Amazon one, I would pick up some children's books I have been saving in my shopping cart for when I have my own counseling office. Bibliotherapy is so useful in working with students. It's a great way to help them calm down and learn that whatever they are going through has been experienced by someone, or is at least understood by someone else, because there is an entire book devoted to the issue.

Also, if you haven't done so yet: you can also follow my blog on Bloglovin. I myself am still trying to adjust to Bloglovin. Lisette blogged last week about how you can import your Google Reader blog feed to Bloglovin and not lose all those peeps you follow!

While you are over at Lisette's blog, be sure to check out the March sponsor giveaway her and her amazing sponsor are hosting! They are giving away 14 different ad spaces between each of their blogs.

Would you like a chance to win a Clarisonic Mia 2 in your color choice? Have you entered the giveaway I'm co-hosting with some lovely ladies? You can do so here! ONLY 2 days left!

Clarisonic Mia 2 Giveaway

Other awesome giveaways:
$25 gift card to J.Crew from The Serena Saga, found at Jessica Who?
$60 gift card to Starbucks from Songbirds & Buttons + sponsors
2 months ad space and a pair of button earrings from My Life as Mindy
March group giveaway: Ad space plus various gift cards from Pursuit of Pink and sponsors
Giveaway for two winners: anchor tee!
$1000 shopping spree to Etsy, Anthropologie, Pier 1, Target, & Starbucks: The Serena Saga & sponsors
$1000 VISA gift card from an amazing group of bloggers!

For my fellow iPhone owners: check out The Kinch Life for Aubrey's Friday Freebie. Customized for you!

Which giveaways have you entered? What would you be most excited to win?

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Friday, March 22, 2013

high five for friday (4) and leaving you hypnotized

Part Uno

First up: have you entered this giveaway from Postcards from Rachel and sponsors??? If not, you really should!

Okay, it's that time again ....High Five For Friday!

It's been a long and rough week for me.

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

1. Only hours left until my spring break officially begins!!!!!

2. I reached 100 direct hours at my internship site! This is very exciting because I need 120 direct hours to pass Internship III. I am so blessed to have the BEST supervisor in the history of supervision. It's so nice to work and learn from someone who knows what you need to know.

photo.JPG3. I have an exciting meeting lined up for Monday morning. Details to follow in the coming weeks...

4. Purple, sparkle nails for spring.

5. Only hours left until my spring break officially begins!!!!! Oh, wait...I said that already.

Part Dos

Happy to bring you some sweet jams again for #backthatazzup Friday!

Also, for yesterday's post. I couldn't resist.

Anybody else have spring break this week? Any exciting plans? 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

To ink or not to ink

I haven't really mentioned on my blog that my father passed away on July 29, 2002 - but now I am going to. I was daddy's little girl and I have not always handled his absence well. In memory of my dad, I want to get a tattoo. This is, in no way, an impulsive decision. I've considered what I wanted to get for a good 3 or 4 years now and I think the timing is right. I have a tattoo artist who has tattoo'ed some people I know and whose judgement I trust. I've talked to her about what I want. I almost went through with it back in November last year, but a few days before I was going to get it done, I came under the weather and got really sick. So I postponed it. Now I'm getting ready to graduate in about 5-6 weeks and I want to have this thing that will make me feel like my dad is with me for this special event. 

Thank you, Pinterest, for delivering these lovely images to me

The dove/bird pictured here is the only image I have seen that comes darn close to what I would like to permanently etch into my skin. It is almost exactly what I have been searching for. But maybe without all the curliness at the tail. 

I've researched the religious side of things. I don't attend church regularly. In fact, I haven't been to a church service in over 8 years. But, I do consider myself religious. I pray to God and thank Him for this life I have. I don't want to do something that is religiously wrong but I've given this a great deal of thought. I have had conversations with my Mom and brother about this. We even talked once or twice about getting something that matched but I doubt the three of us could ever agree on one single image. They are supportive of my decision, which is important, but not crucial to my decision. Which it ultimately is. My grandma (Mom's mom) and aunt (Mom's sister) know that I want this and don't disagree with my decision. I've told my uncle (Dad's brother) and his family and they don't disagree either. My biggest fear for disapproval of this decision is my grandmother (Dad's mom) because she is "old school" German and stubborn. {People tell me I am just like her.} The concern my family members have expressed is the idea that once you get one, it's easy to get another, and another, and another.  And I get this point that they have made. Maybe I will get multiple tattoos. I love feathers and it would represent my Native American ancestry. I would also love something for FSU. Maybe the feather could count, or maybe I could get a tomahawk. I also love arrows. A paw print would have special meaning as well. I think tattoos can be beautiful without going overboard. I think if it means something to you and isn't just an expression of rebellion nor a drunken mistake, then it is okay. 

Ultimately, it is my body and I will do with it what I please. 

What are your thoughts on tattoos???

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Happy to be back for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday again this week.

What are your favorite pins lately?

Is it too early to start a countdown to the release date? ONLY 8 months away!

                                           Source: via Angela on Pinterest

This drank looks yum!

                                            Source: via Angela on Pinterest

To keep up with the Hunger Games theme. 

                                               Source: Uploaded by user via Angela on Pinterest

But seriously, is Skylar Astin single? And can someone please tell him I exist?

I have a slight feather obsession.

                                           Source: via Angela on Pinterest

                                            Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I have to always leave you with a funny on Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Just because...I can't get enough

                                                           Source: via Angela on Pinterest

It's actually more like 1,000+

But look at him

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