Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Weekly TV Roundup #4

Welcome back for week 4 of Weekly TV Roundup!

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Teen Wolf
"Tattoo" - aired 6/3/13

Teen Wolf is another one of those shows I'm embarrassed to admit I watch. But I still watch it anyways. And I will still admit that I watch it. Cause really, I'm not that embarrassed. So I was really excited when the season 3 premiere came on. There didn't seem to be a whole lot of hype leading up to it, or maybe I didn't notice because the only time I watch MTV is for Teen Wolf and Awkward. Scott and Allison are still broken up. I love that Scott tries to get a tattoo...of lines? I really like his reasoning behind it but the tattoo itself is one of those poorly made drunken decisions. At least that's how I view it in my mind. So this whole episode is about the arrival of the alpha pack. They give me the creeps. I'm curious to see where the writers are gonna go with that one. Are they against Derek? And something was said about Scott being the alpha? But I thought Derek was? So confusing. I really want Scott and Allison to get back together and I'm still holding out for Stiles + Lydia to unite. I just think it's meant to be <3

I'll have to catch up on this week's episode tomorrow. Along with The Bachelorette. AND.......PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! Finally!

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