Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekly TV Roundup #1

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So, last week was the week of season finales. I don't know why the television channels have decided to do this but they have put my favorite shows all on Thursday nights. Thank God for DVR and streaming episodes online/on my iPhone because otherwise I wouldn't survive.


My three favorites from last week are:

1. Grey's Anatomy

This season has had so many ups and downs. Thankfully, it feels like more ups. I'm so happy Meredith + Derek finally have offspring together. I think that's going to be one gorgeous kid. Especially with McDreamy's hair. Fingers crossed he inherits that! Meredith said something that was just so fitting in this episode, I had to write it down (in reference to performing her C-section) "The big ugly scary risks, because I'm a lightning rod for those!" Seriously. She doesn't seem like that bad of a person who deserves some karma to come her way but I feel like she has bad juju all around. Poor woman. Can she just have her happily ever after now? I'm really happy Alex and intern girl (Jo?) are ending up together. I feel like he deserves some happiness too. Then there was the inevitable WTF moment the producers like to throw in there with cheating (excuse my language) whore Arizona! I have a hint of a feeling that Callie will ditch her and end up with a guy again. It seems like she goes back and forth like that. I can't wait for the next season. My predictions are: Christina + Owen are going to end up with a kid, Bailey is going to end up with another kid,  Jackson and April will end up together, and then regarding the other WTF moment at the end, is Richard really dead?! Please, no. He's the glue that holds that place together.

2. The Vampire Diaries

This show is my guilty pleasure. Well, one of them. Mind. Blown. Seriously, what the hey! This was another finale with many ups and downs. I've been pulling for Elena to get her humanity back for quite some time. I'm so glad Jeremy is alive but not happy that Bonnie basically had to sacrifice herself for him to return to the world of the living. I'm interested to see how that plays out, as I feel she will obviously still be a part of the show (someone correct me if sources say otherwise) since he can see/talk to ghosts. I really can't believe that Elena is ending up with Damon. Wrong, wrong, wrong - in my opinion. I think Stefan is her true love and I'm still pulling for them next season. She has to be the first to realize that Silas isn't really Stefan. How crazy was that twist?! The guy who loved/loves the doppelganger is actually a doppelganger himself! Stefan can't die. I won't allow it to happen! And don't let me forget that Katherine is now human since Elena shoved the cure down her throat. Can't wait to see how that plays out! She is obviously going to be miserable. I wonder if she can be turned back into a vampire now, and if she can, if any of them will do it for her. I feel like she can't survive as a human, but it's going to be bad news for all of them, especially Elena, if she returns to being a vampire. Another thought that crossed my mind is Jeremy will want to be turned. Not sure why that's come into my head. I can't wait for Tyler to return either. I'm also looking forward to the preview that was shown after the episode ended for The Originals. I have a feeling Caroline's character will be making an appearance there. I think her and Klaus could work but he's got some changing to do for that to happen.

3. The Office

Okay, I'll be the first one to say that I cried. The Jim and Pam love story gets me every time. I'm also happy Dwight and Angela finally ended up together. I love that Michael returned! I think this was the perfect time to end the series though. I missed a good number of episodes in the previous 2 seasons. I sort of lost interest in it for a while there and I couldn't see it going much further anywhere. Thank you for some good laughs and good cries. What a series.

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  1. Alex does deserve happiness! And agreed that Callie will go dude again. Arizona will end up with Peyton (One Tree Hill, sorry! Don't remember her Grey's name). And yes... Hunt and Yang will have a kid! Once Yang spends time with Merideth's little one.

    Yay for Jeremy staying! And were you not totally blown away at the end. I had to rewind and watch over again! I was like "wait.. what just happened". And I like Tyler and all.. but I want to see Caroline and Klaus... :)

    See ya next week friend!

  2. ok, I haven't watched Greys anatomy in YEARS but I'm glad that Meredith + Derek have, or are going to have, a kid :) had to close my eyes on the other 2, I am WAY behind on my DVR.