Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sunshine and summertime

I'm heading back to the beach today to get back to my natural shade. I do not make a good pale person. I get a lot of "are you sick?" My favorite is my Granny "you're inside too much." Gosh I love her. That woman has had a natural tan her entire life, I'm sure of it. She's German but she sure as heck don't look like it!

 Anyways, I love music. Plain and simple. 

When I was working in daycares I strayed from playing music during my car ride to and from work. Trust me, the noise level of thirty 4 year olds + thirty 3 year olds, and so on, and so forth, is enough to make you truly appreciate silence and crave it.

Well, now here I am with all the time in the world, and back to listening to my jams 24/7. Okay, not exactly 24, but definitely 7. In the car, chilling at home, out with friends, in the shower. Truthfully, I do listen to it in the shower too. I CAN'T GET ENOUGH music.

Here is my summer playlist so far.

I call it: Angela's Sweet Southern Summer Melodies of 2013

Eh, maybe it's a work in progress on the name part, but here is the selection of sweet southern melodies.

So, some of these are mainstream songs, yes - but I will be rocking out to these all summer long.

What are your country song summer favorites?

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  1. LOVE THIS!! I am studying abroad in New Zealand this semester and it's fall here, and all of the summer time posts from home are making me so jealous!! I've been listening to tons of country music so I can pretend it's summer ;) My current favorites are "Get Your Shine On"-- Florida Georgia Line, Beers Ago-- Toby Keith, Old Alabama-- Brad Paisley, and anything by Jason Aldean!! Oldies (relatively) but goodies :)