Thursday, May 16, 2013

A new link-up preview!

I have some exciting news to share today! The lovely Tawny, of Tawny's Tidbits, came up with a really neat idea a few weeks ago and I had to jump on board. What is this idea? Well, read on to find out!

Weekly TV Roundup

Ever watch a TV show and desperately want to talk to someone about what happened? Problem is, you don't know anyone else who watches it with as much devotion as you do.

This is the spot! 
 Here you can link up with others that watch your favorite shows, talk about what happened, and what you think will happen.  Doesn't matter what show it is that you watch, just write about it! Someone out there watches it and would love to share their opinions too. 
Feel free to grab a button and sit down on our virtual couch! Tune in every Tuesday morning for the prior weeks' shows (Tuesday-Monday)

Wanna participate? Let's get started!
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So, to give you all an idea of how you may go about this in the future, here is a little preview.

I've been obsessed with this show since episode 1. I just love the whole premise behind it. Getting revenge on the people who did your family wrong and ruined your life, and being a super badass woman: Emily Thorne is my girl crush. I want to marry Jack Porter. And when I realized Daniel Grayson actually sounds like this in real life, he looked even hotter. 

So, season 2 just came to an end and it totally blew my mind. I have wanted Jack to know Emily's true identity from day one and I can't wait to see how it plays out in the next season. I cried over Declan's death. I wasn't surprised to learn that Charlotte is pregnant. The 2 hour finale was a good call by the producers and it definitely left me wanting more. Summer is going to be a long wait for it's return!

Did anybody else watch the finale? What were your thought? Favorite part?

Tune in next Tuesday for the first official link up!

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  1. I'm surprised they killed Declan too but looking back it kind of makes sense because they started showing him less and less. I can't believe she told Jack though!!

    1. Good point. He has been MIA lately. My jaw dropped when she told Jack!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Bree, I wonder if you could stream it via Netflix or on ABC's website.

  3. So do you think Jack will "play" along with Emily's revenge. Or will he hate her for leading him on to think the real Emily was the real Amanda! So many questions!?!

    1. I hope he plays along. And I feel like it's a given, but I'm going to go ahead and say I want them to be together.

  4. Omg I love this show! We caught it on Netflix and fell in love with it! Isn't it intense!!! I love it. I love your blog you are simply adorable. Following you!

    Follow me back @

    1. Hi Cayli! I am obsessed with it :) Thanks for following me.