Friday, March 29, 2013

high five for friday (5) + just a friend

It's my favorite day of the week! Mostly, because I love reflecting on the past week and remembering the high points of it for the High Five for Friday link up. It's my spring break this week (from internship) and there were definitely some high points.

1. I got to see my best friend! R was in town for just a few days and I sent him a text at just the right moment this week. We met for lunch Wednesday. It is always wonderful to catch up with him - time apart does not change our friendship at all and that's what I love most. Expect a post about this oldest friend of mine at some point because he has been there for me when I have needed someone most.

2. Another good friend moment for the week. I work myself up over a lot of things, and J has been there for me a lot these past few years. She does a great job of bringing me back to reality and not letting me beat myself up too much.

3. I get to see those 2 smiling faces this weekend: for Easter lunch and {hopefully} babysitting them with my brother. H (the girl) + B (the boy) are my cousin's twins and they have brought infinite joy to our family since their arrival in 2011. Byron and I enjoy babysitting them because it's brother and sister hanging with brother and sister.

4. I'm going through with the big decision I posted about last week. Thanks to you lovely ladies who commented on that post. And, thank you to E who I had a long conversation with over the weekend about this decision. That woman gets me. I'm a lucky lady to have her as a friend. Expect pictures, and a story, to follow, it's happening today!

5. My big meeting this week was so worth it. I was a nervous wreck but it had a very positive outcome and I hope I have more to share in a few weeks! If nothing comes of it, I at least learned that people appreciate when I take the initiative, which is something very outside of my comfort zone. I'm in a weird place right now - a mix of fear and excitement and I'm hoping by the end of April the fears will have vanished and the excitement will be even better. Countdown to graduation: 43 days!

6. OK, this is a bonus one! Check out the giveaway I am co-hosting this week. The contest closes in three days!

Now, please enjoy these tunes from Biz Markie. 
I nearly cried when I saw this song was from 1989 - it's almost as old as me.

Just a Friend by Biz Markie on Grooveshark

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  1. Haha, I'm loving the soundtrack to this post! It's so nice catching up with those true blue friends. I have a couple, and even though MONTHS can go by until we see each other, it really is like no time has passed. Those are the best kind of friends :)

    Have an awesome weekend! Looking forward to your mystery reveal!

    1. This song is perfect! I hadn't listened to it in a while lol. Those really are the best kind of friends. I'm itching to tell the blogging world about the big secret.

      Happy Easter!