Saturday, March 2, 2013

An awesome app and blog tutorials

This morning, while I lay in bed, not yet wanting to brave the chilly air I felt in my room (the thermostat read 73 when I finally got out of bed!) I browsed Pinterest and came across some apps worth checking out. I downloaded a few new apps for my iPhone and the Cloth app is my favorite new "toy." In case you have not yet noticed by virtually all of my previous posts, I LOVE fashion. Most of the blogs I read are fashion blogs and I online window shop at least once per day.

Anyways, the Cloth app is super neat. You snap a picture of your outfit, or if you are like me and have not yet mastered the selfie photo in your full length mirror, you have someone else snap a picture of your outfit, and you can save that photo on the app. You can also upload photos from your photo library on your phone.

Once you have selected your photo, you can add notes, in response to questions such as: Where did you wear it? What do you want to remember about it? For this photo, I put that I wore it to my internship site and it was comfortable to wear all day. After notes, you can add tags, such as colors, designers, trend. For this photo, I added Loft Outlet, floral, and dress pants for the tags. Next, you can select a Category which includes Everyday, Event, Evening, Vacation, Work or Active. You are able to share each photo on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, submit it via, save it to your photo album, or email the photo. Once you save the photo, it shows up in a feed. By selecting the wardrobe tab, you can see all your outfits by category. You also earn points for each outfit you add!

After spending some time with Cloth, I spent the rest of the majority of my morning working on my blog and am overjoyed with the results!

I have added blog post dividers, thanks to this tutorial from Blog Designs by Dani. It is so descriptive and did not give me a headache, much like the other tutorials I came across before this one.

I have added a cute little blog signature using this easy to follow tutorial from The Cutest Blog on the Block.

Now I am seriously struggling with the decision to change my social media icons. I found a ton of free downloads for social media icons via Pinterest. My favorite are these neutral icons courtesy of 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic. The Starfish color is my top choice. She also has links under the post (see You might also like:) to other sets of social media icons in beautiful colors. I used this tutorial by Sew Many Ways a couple of weeks ago to add the ones I have on my page.

So, what do you think? Should I add the Starfish icons? Or another color? Update: I added the Starfish icons...I think they really fit with the theme I am wanting for my blog, what are your thoughts?

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