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Weekly TV Roundup #9

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Deb's downward spiral is just growing worse and worse at this point. Drinking and driving is never a good combo and especially not when you run into a parking meter and pass out in your car. I'm not surprised she called Joey while she was in a bind. I knew she wouldn't call Dexter. Speaking of Dexter, he's still on the hunt for Vogel's former patient, the "brain surgeon." Dr. Vogel is not cool with his "love" for Deb and she's getting more deliveries from the "brain surgeon" - this time a his and hers set of brain parts. Dexter's quest for the brain surgeon leads him to the mall, to a sporting goods salesman. This dude is definitely creepy and as soon as they started a conversation, I knew he was headed for a chopped up ending. He confirms his suspicions about the guy when he breaks into his house and finds body parts and organs in the kitchen. Ewwwwwww. 

Dexter is reaching out to Deb and tries to remind her that deep down she is a good-hearted individual. His efforts don't work out so well because it appears the next day that Deb is ready to confess to everything. And she does. She liquors herself up and walks right into Miami Metro and tells Joey that she killed LaGuerta. He locks her up in a room and calls Dexter to give him a heads up on coming to collect his sister. Dexter brings Dr. Vogel along to give her "expert opinion." Deb flips when Dexter shows up and is already in the process of writing out her confession. Dex drugs her and takes her, and her confession, home. I love the way it all went down. Joey thinks Deb is speaking metaphorically when blaming herself for LaGuerta's death and she gives just enough information for him to not see the real truth. I'm glad she didn't confess. I don't think she will end up going to jail for this before the season is over. But then again, she is really struggling right now. I can't see Dex killing her, but maybe Dr. Vogel will step in. She strongly suggests it when she talks about establishing the code for Dexter with Harry so many years before. FINALLY the episode ends with a plastic wrap kill scene. Now I can enjoy the rest of the episodes this season without desperately waiting for that. I know, I'm strange like that.

The Bachelorette

Usually I watch this show faithfully, every week, but I have been slacking this season. I like Desiree but she wasn't my first choice. I am waiting for the day that Kacie B. is the Bachelorette. I have seen bits and pieces of episodes up until now. I kinda like being out of the loop and not checking Reality Steve like I have done in the past too. Now I can try to figure out who she picks in the end and make a fun game out of it.

I love the hometown dates because I feel like if it's not serious at this point, nothing is going to change after the dates, but there is a much clearer idea about who is moving forward in their relationships and who isn't. First up was Zak and I feel like she really hit it off with his family. I love that they sang to her. What a sweet gesture..and how about him giving her that ring?! 

Next was her date with Drew. She went with him to pick up his sister who has mental handicaps and bring her to his parents' house. I really like how genuine Desiree is and she seemed to fit in with Drew's family. I just don't see the connection between them as much as I do with the other guys.

Desiree went to Chris' hometown next and I think she fit in well with his family but her interaction with his mom was a bit strange. Chris chatted with his mom and she started crying, which he took as tears of joy, but I saw them as tears of uncertainty. I think she sees how happy he is with Desiree but doesn't want her son to get hurt. 

The final hometown date was with Brooks. I see how strong her connection is with him and he really cares for her. As of now, he is my top pick. I see her having a future with him and I think both of them do as well. Zak goes home in the end and Des is obviously upset about this, as is he. I think next to go home is Drew.

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