Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Weekly TV Roundup #8

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Pretty Little Liars
aired 7/1/2013
I want to say this show couldn't get any more twisted and confusing if it tried, but every week I am proved wrong by what the Liars get themselves into and what A comes up with. The girls are now being watched by the new detective in town and his partner. 
Hanna runs into them at the bank when she goes to see her mom and they are emptying out Wilden's vault. Caleb is always around to save the day when Hanna gets stuck talking to the female detective. He also helps her cover for her mom when the detectives show up on their front door step. I think if Hanna doesn't stop trying to stick her nose all up in this business, she's going to get herself or her mother into some trouble. She confronts her mom about being in Rosewood the night Wilden was killed.
Emily's dad returns to town and her parents are under investigation. It doesn't help that she takes off running in the middle of the night screaming at them and the cops show up. I have a bad feeling that her parents are going to end up getting arrested, or Emily will be removed from the home, something along those lines. 
Spencer is still all about helping Toby. She finds the doctor his mother saw in Radley isn't far from Rosewood and he sets off to find him and try to find out what went down. Toby locates him and they have a nice, long chat about his mother. At the end of the conversation, the doctor tells Toby to tell his mother he said hello. So, the guy has lost it clearly. But he says something interesting about the blonde girl coming to visit her. Dun, dun, dun.... Spencer spills to her mom and Melissa that she's been rejected from UPenn. They're not okay with that, of course. 
Aria has started seeing her martial arts instructor, Jake. They run into Malcolm while walking through town and he asks why Aria never comes over anymore. Jake gets this confused look on his face and Aria ends up telling him about what happened between her and Ezra. 
The big event of the episode: Spencer and Aria set up Melissa and then follow her to the mask shop, where Melissa is seen dragging out a bag so large and heavy that Aria questions whether a body could fit into or not. It doesn't contain a body but it is full of Ali masks and she destroys every single one of them. Spencer confronts her about Wilden's death and I'm pretty sure Melissa is guilty.
In the end, the girls get a text letting them know that Melissa isn't part of the A team. I find it odd that Mona was MIA this episode. Only makes me wonder what she is up to. I'm interested to see what happens between Aria and Jake. Is Ezra really out of the picture? 
aired 7/7/2013
I also watched Dexter (only one time through) and have a little to comment on. Dr. Vogel is already an interesting character. As I kind of guessed at last week, Harry had talked to her about Dexter. I really liked the videos of Harry consulting her. I feel it gave an interesting take on Dexter's evolution and the early stages of his serial killer side. Deb is going on a killing spree herself and can't even remember that she killed El Sapo. Time to lay off the drugs and drink, woman. I'm curious to see what happens with Jamie and Quinn. I hope they stick together and Quinn's protectiveness over Deb doesn't get in the way of their relationship. Is it wrong that next week I'm hoping for Dexter to kill someone? I know he killed Briggs last week but I'm waiting for the first plastic wrap kill of the season still. 

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  1. Plastic wrap kill of the season! LOVE IT!!!! It didn't even come to my attention that he hadn't done that yet until you mentioned it! :)