Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weekly TV Roundup #11

I took a break from Weekly TV Roundup last week due to personal reasons. My life has felt like pure chaos the past two-three weeks, between a number of things, the biggest being that I was hired as an elementary school counselor, and then two days later told that someone on a surplus list needed to be placed and that job would no longer be mine. Huge disappointment. So I'm plugging away with more job applications, more interviews, and oh yeah, our school year begins next Thursday - which means if/when I get hired, it will be crunch time and the next week and a half will fly by and be more chaos. But if I get hired, I will embrace the chaos that comes with it and be more than happy to start my career. Thanks for listening to my rant...now on to the link up.

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Pretty Little Liars

 "Crash and Burn Girl"
Hanna's mom is in jail -  it's not looking good for her - and the girls are holed up in her house. Caleb and Toby are holed up in (?) Toby's loft, doing detective work with a board all about A. I really love Caleb and Toby as a team and the fact that they are in it for their ladies. I feel like Paige would totally join their team if they invited her to do so. The guy at the flight center was shady from the beginning. I knew he was hiding something. I wish they would have caught him and held him hostage to get some information out of him. The "babe" he was talking to has to be red coat! The principal accuses Mike of bashing "jerk face's" car. I'm referring to him as jerk face because, well, that's what I think of guys who spread rumors like that boy was doing. It kills me that Ezra is still coming to Aria's rescue. Can't they just be together???? I'm really curious to know what her letter to him says! I hope we find out. Emily steals the key to Wilden's apartment and of course the liars have to check it out. They find a package from A and we are led to believe Wilden was also being stalked by A. I say "led to believe" because unless there is solid proof in this show, everyone and everything raises my suspicion. I'm worried that even though the liars were wearing gloves at Wilden's place they accidentally left something behind that the police will find. Just as bad, or even worse, now Emily's mom is in trouble at work because the key is missing. Ugh. Way to go, Em! Why did we not find out who was driving the car that came crashing through the front of Emily's house? Why didn't she, or her mom, look inside to see who the driver was? Wouldn't she suspect it's A-related? The preview for next week (today) was very exciting and I hope they reveal who was driving the car. I have a feeling Hanna is going to confess to murdering Wilden to try to get her mom out of jail. 

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