Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekly TV Roundup #13

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Okay, I'm a mix of excitement and sadness. Excitement = I have a job - FINALLY! Sadness = this will be the last week for Weekly TV Roundup. Tawny and I have reached a mutual decision to end the link up :( We thank you all for reading and commenting!

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aired 8/11/13
After the way last week's episode ended, and the preview for this week, I COULD NOT WAIT to see what would happen with Hanna and what she did to Dexter and Deb. Deb wakes up home alone while Dexter wakes up in a field somewhere. Deb comes to pick Dexter up and he won't tell her what he knows at first, but by the time she shows up to get him, she has figured it out. Dexter starts his usual stalking and figures out where Hanna is, follows her to a club, and meets her new husband. WHAT. Oh, and she's Maggie now, not Hanna - and her hubby knows all there is to know about Dexter Morgan. Right away I guessed she was using him for something, though she says she isn't. She claims to be in love with him but we learn quickly that he is a powerful man, and she still wants Dexter. They have a secret rendezvous, her hubby finds out, and sics his gangsters on Dexter. Miles ends up dead at Hanna's hand and of course Dexter comes to the rescue and helps her cover it up. I have a small inkling that Dexter and Hanna will end up back together, possibly even married, by the end of the season. But as always with this show, the possibilities are endless. Maybe Deb will kill Hanna. Or Zach will kill Hanna. Speaking of Zach, how sad is it that he murdered Cassie? Dexter needs to focus and start helping him, instead of using him to get into clubs to follow Hanna. If Dexter doesn't start helping him soon, I have a feeling that Dr. Vogel will start teaching him the code, and that could go terribly wrong. I'm excited Quinn and Jamie are moving in together, even if it was motivated to be a slap in the face to Angel. I'm hoping Deb doesn't come between them after everything she has put Quinn through, but I think that's a likely possibility. I also think Deb and Elway are bound to get together at some point. I'm excited to see what transpires next! 

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