Friday, January 18, 2013

Days 1-5, 30x30

The first week is done, and I already had to cheat on this challenge :/ The comment I made in my previous post in which I said temperatures, even this time of year, in Florida, rarely drop below 70s was a tad presumptuous. Today temperatures started out in the 40s and never reached past 75! It was unexpected but amazing. Also, today was a jeans day at the middle school where I am completing my internship, which was also something I did not expect and originally had not planned to be at the school today, but I ended up going in for a few hours and decided to dress in warmer clothing than I had originally picked in the 30 items. I will probably substitute the sweater I wore for today into the 30 and take out the navy sweater I had included. I think I can get as much use out of it as I had intended for the navy sweater plus it will keep me warmer on any future cold days. The jeans count as a neutral item since I never wear jeans for work or internship unless it's permitted on a Friday and that's only when I'm doing my internship.

Enough about that. Here are the creations!

Day one: I paired this pink, open draped cardigan, which has sequins running along the draped edges, with a black and white floral tank and black capris. I wore black sandals, a useful purchase from Target (Merona brand) years ago. This was the first time I had worn this cardigan, a LOFT Outlet purchase I made a few months ago! I have gotten some use out of the tank already and the capris are a weekly rotation.

Day two: I am in love with this dress! I purchased it just last weekend so this was my first time wearing it. I found it at Ross for $19.99! I usually have decent luck when shopping at Ross but I think you really have to go in the store with an idea of what you are looking for, otherwise it can be a little overwhelming. I head straight for the dress racks when I enter the store and tend to find dresses in the petites section - that's where I found this beauty. I love the colors; it reminds me of a peacock! The cardigan is from Banana Republic Factory Store and it's another one of those items I tend to wear once a week. This outfit was comfortable yet professional and I love the texture in the cardigan and on the dress (it has a twist/knot in the front at the waist)

Day three: Yay! I wore another item I had not yet worn before: the grey sweater! It is a more recent purchase though. I just picked it up around Christmas time. It has a tie back neck and pleats running down the front and back with a banded hem (easy for tucking in!) I wasn't overly thrilled with this outfit but wanted to try pairing the grey top with the grey/blue skirt and I'm glad I gave it a shot since the only tops I have worn so far with this skirt have been white. Also, don't you love these bow flats?! They are from Payless which I find is very hit or miss but when I got this pair I went in on a mission for navy flats and this cuts it pretty close and I love wearing them with this skirt.

Day four: Still going strong. Another outfit created with items I had never combined before! I love this brown, ruffled open cardigan. It is super comfortable. The sad thing about it is I have trouble pairing it with other items in my closet so I went for a neutral toned look overall and spiced it up with my leopard flats from Old Navy. The leopard is out of stock online but they have a snakeskin print still available there. I was surprised to find that they are extremely comfortable shoes.

Day five: My cheating day...the jeans are American Eagle, a few years old. The sweater is a new purchase so this is my first time wearing it. I bought it on sale at Target two weeks ago and it is on sale on their website. Like I said above, this was totally unplanned and had the weather not dropped so drastically (80s to 40s in a day!) I would have at least stuck to a top from my 30 items instead of choosing this one, but now I will add this into my 30 collection and take the navy sweater out from rotations. Also, I'm giving myself a pass on the jeans since it was a jeans day at the middle school and also due to the weather.

Wish me luck for next week!

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