Saturday, January 26, 2013

30 x 30; days 6-9

 Day 6: I kept this navy blue sweater in my 30 x 30 collection. It paired well with this blue/grey/green blouse from Kohl's and my grey LOFT capris. I wasn't confident about the shoes I chose for this outfit but I like the overall final product. Also, I attempted the stacking trend with this outfit. Side note: I love my FOSSIL watch! Mom purchased this for me for Christmas and the band can be changed out. I bought the grey band but it came with a nice tan. I haven't been able to find the same one on their website but this is the closest similarity. Mine was not that expensive though. I also learned they have a "watch bar" where you can select your own watch face and build it with various bands.

 Day 7: This was my outfit for the middle school open house. I wanted to look professional and when I bought this sweater and tank top, both from LOFT Outlet, I had this pair of pants in mind to pair it with. I wore my gold wedges from Kohl's for the first time since purchasing them over a month ago! Not sure they were a hit with this outfit but the heel height was perfect with these pants, and that is an issue I often have trouble with.
Day 8: I have yet to mention that this week it got to be very chilly during the daytime. Again, it was unexpected. This day I wore my tan leather jacket with this outfit to go from car to building and building to car. I love this black dress from Target (Merona) I found it last summer for $14.98 online! ordered it and it fit perfectly. Best part about this dress: it has pockets! Also, it can be paired with anything and everything. To keep warm, I paired with my garnet tights, black boots, and matching floral scarf. I love cold days because I get to wear cute outfits like this. Everything I am wearing here was purchased at Target and I also got the boots on sale last year.
 Day 9: I had to make another substitution for what I had in my original 30 items. I wore this black sweater because it was freezing again, paired it with this skirt from LOFT Outlet, black tights, and black booties from Target.

This weekend I plan to re-evaluate what I have substituted in this process and may have to take a break from the 30 x 30 challenge. It has been difficult to stick to the items I originally chose but I'm going to at least try to give it another week. I do not have a day 10 outfit because I ended up having to go outside the 30 again and wore a sweater, because it was still cold, with jeans for a jeans day at my internship.
So, instead of an outfit from Friday, I am sharing a sweet note I received (along with yummy cookies) from a teacher at the middle school whom I also graduated high school with. Her kind words provided me with a sense of accomplishment and sense of urgency to finish my last semester of graduate school. I already love being a "school counselor" and cannot wait until the day that is my official title. I love working with students and it already feels like my real job.

I end this post with some words of wisdom/inspiration/food for thought that I plan to share with my students: Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.


  1. I LOVE day 8 and that it's not too cold for you to wear stockings! I also love day 6 and the idea to wear bracelets and a watch on the same wrist. You're so tiny..they don't get in the way? I usually wear bracelets opposite my watch but might have to try this. It's so darn cute!

    1. Day 8 is my favorite outfit to wear, I have about 10 different pairs of tights in different colors and bought most of them with that dress in mind :) The bracelet/watch combo was intimidating at first but I wore it all day long and that day I was going to preschools and teaching an after school class. I say try it!