Monday, January 14, 2013

30 x 30

I have seen the 30 x 30 challenge on many other blogs and now I'm ready to give it a shot. Here is where I originally got the idea 

So basically you take 30 items in your closet and in 30 days you only create outfits using those clothing items. The goal is to use what you've got and (attempt to) not shop during the challenge. For me, that's difficult as I usually shop in my free time which I tend to have a lot of after the work day is over or when I'm in between school and work. Since the holidays are over and I just received a lot of clothing gifts, I decided now is the perfect time to do this. Here are my 30! See further details for where I bought the items.

The first 3 items are tank tops. From left to right: LOFT Outlet, Liz Claiborne c/o JCPenney, LOFT Outlet.

 These next 4 are from, in order from left to right: Bealls, Bealls, LOFT Outlet, and Ann Taylor Factory Store.

The first 4 blouses, in order from left to right are all from LOFT Outlet. The blue print blouse on the right-hand side of the photo is Apt. 9 c/o Kohls.

Here are my solid colored embellished sweaters. The black is from Banana Republic Factory Store. The brown and pink are both from LOFT Outlet.
 Here are basic, non-embellished sweaters. From left to right: LOFT Outlet, Mossimo c/o Target, Merona c/o Target and LOFT.
I was a little apprehensive about these two dresses but I know I can pair them with different sweaters and get different looks. The black is Merona c/o Target. The blue print is Jessica Howard c/o Ross (this was a steal, $19.99 compared to $59 originally) and the pants are navy blue/grey by Mossimo c/o Target.

 These 3 printed skirts are all from LOFT Outlet.
Finally: brown skirt is A. Byer purchased at Dillards ages ago, grey skirt is LOFT Outlet and tan, grey and black capris were all purchased at LOFT Outlet.

As I was writing where I purchased all of these clothes, I realize LOFT Outlet is my go-to for work wear. Prices are affordable and depending on what material the items is made of, there is longevity to each purchase. I picked a combo of tanks and sweaters since it's Florida, and let's be honest, even though it is January, I doubt it's getting much cooler than low 70s even at this time of year. If it does, I suppose I will have to substitute some longer sleeve items for the tanks and short sleeve shirts and some pants for the skirts. I have seen some bloggers include shoes and accessories in their 30 items but that would make this even more challenging for me and I'm not up for that yet. Let's see how these next 30 days go. Also, I don't think it's cheating, but I'm allowing myself to wear whatever I want on the weekends and when I go to class, since usually my attire for both is sweatpants or shorts and a tee shirt.

I will post later this week with some of my creations! Have a wonderful week :)

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