Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine fashion

 My outfits this week consisted of pinks, purples, neutrals, and reds. Sadly I did not get a picture of every outfit I wore but I put a lot of thought and planning into each one - more than I usually do. I also tried out a few clothing items and combinations that I had yet to wear.

At the right here is a combination I had not worn together yet. Please excuse the wrinkles, I snapped this photograph after wearing the outfit all day long. The brown pants are from Target (Mossimo Supply Co., no longer sold, similar) and both tops were purchased from LOFT Outlet. I really love this sweater, mostly because of the detail on the back. It is one of those items that is light enough for wearing in the summer.

The outfit to the left here is what I wore on Tuesday and is one of my favorites to wear. I feel it is professional, yet comfortable. I purchased the dark purple ruffled blouse, which is sleeveless, for $10 at Ann Taylor Factory Store. I also purchased the skirt here for a steal, at $10, from LOFT Outlet. The white cardigan was bought at Target for $12 and has been a useful item from my closet. It is lightweight but not see-through, which is a problem I find I run into a lot when purchasing white articles of clothing. Here to the right is a close-up of the bracelets I wore with this outfit. I have owned these bracelets for probably over 5 years and would guess I have worn them a handful of times, if that. I am trying to branch out and wear more things that I typically steer clear of, that being a lot of arm candy. See more below.

On Wednesday I wore a magenta top with flutter cap sleeves and a pair of black capri pants with my black, peep toe wedges.

On Valentines Day I decided to wear something I was not 100% comfortable wearing but that I felt was spirited. Also, I had not yet worn this maxi dress which I bought at Ross. Unfortunately it was pouring down rain all day and the bottom half of my dress got soaked as I ran to my car to drive home. Coupled with the fact that Thursday I had to deal with the most difficult thing I have ever been a part of at the middle school, I could not wait to put on my pajamas and relax. So, I was unable to snap a photo. Picture a maxi dress with a cream, white, brown, black, red, and mostly pink pattern covering it, with an empire waist bow-tie, and I wore my brown, long-sleeved ruffled sweater with my new off-white flats, pictured at right. I LOVE these shoes and since they came last week in the mail, I have worn them more often than any other pairs of shoes I have.

Friday was another rainy day and it was cold. It was also a jeans day at the middle school so I wore a black tank top, a light grey/silver striped, long-sleeve, open sweater with jeans and my new grey boots, which were very comfortable. I am 110% satisfied with my shoe purchases from my recent Target online shopping extravaganza. However, the dress I bought fit terribly. It was really low-cut up top and slimming in all the wrong places. I returned it to the store.

I did keep the bracelet though, pictured at right with my FOSSIL watch. I wore this wrist combo recently and I love the feather. Only problem with it is that it is adjustable and not at all adjustable while on and trying to fix it yourself. I had to get Mom's help with that one.

This FOSSIL watch is awesome too, and I may have previously mentioned the ability to change the wrist bands. I purchased dark grey which I know I have featured on here before. I really love the tan though. I am debating on which color to purchase next and am torn between a burgundy color, white, lavender, navy blue, or something else entirely.

On the left here is another combination I came up with. I wore these clear/iridescent bracelets with the FOSSIL watch and a green/jade stretchy bracelet made by my friend Kelly. Kelly makes wonderful jewelry which I plan to feature soon. I have quite a few pieces she has created! Check out her Facebook page. In addition to bracelets, she makes necklaces, earrings, picture frames, wine cork designs and these really neat Alaskan heart rock designs she picked up when she spent her last summer in Alaska.

I have been happy with myself and my ability to create new and exciting outfits lately. Other than the two pairs of shoes from Target, the skirt, ankle pants, and a few pieces of jewelry, I have kept my shopping habit in check. I've challenged myself to think long and hard about the things I'm purchasing. For the past two months I have been debating purchasing some colored jeans. Last week I tried on this pair in Target and "skinny" jeans was an understatement! I think they are made for people with tooth pick legs and I am NOT one of those people. So I am on the hunt again and plan to stop in Old Navy one day this week to try some on. If I am unlucky there, my last stop will be American Eagle before I give up entirely. I would love a white pair of jeans and either mint or pink/peach jeans. The search continues!

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