Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I wrote this post a few days ago and made edits each day with all intentions of actually posting it on Valentine's Day. However, yesterday was one of the toughest internship days I have had and I ended up going to bed at 9:30 after falling asleep watching tv for a while.

Today will be a better day...

So, happy (belated) Valentines Day! I confess to being a total girl and loving this holiday, even though I have been single for it the past two years.

In honor of Valentines Day, I had my nails painted red in CND Shellac Wildfire.  I LOVE Shellac! For years and years I was a paint-my-nails-every-other-day type of person. I truly appreciate getting my nails done as a treat to myself every two weeks and not having to worry about chipping or ruining my mani when I am on the go. CND Shellac has over 30 colors in their line plus the company, and some nail techs, have come up with additional layering colors in which a single layer of one Shellac color marries with a single layer of another Shellac color to create an entirely new color! For example, I once layered a translucent white color with black to create a sparkly navy nail color. Anyways, the red nails really put me in the spirit for the holiday and I went into Valentines theme mode and bought bags of candy and planned girly outfits full of pink/red/purple.In addition to spirited nails, I wore heart covered socks most of the week. I once read that wearing socks at night helps for circulation and since reading that I have worn socks to bed every night of my life. I found this particular pair at Target and picked up a few more for $1.50 each. Occasionally they are on sale for $1 each so I scoop up a few more pairs at that time. I find that colored socks make life more interesting :)

Speaking of things for $1 at Target, I frequent the dollar section of the store (located at the front entrance) for items I am putting into what I call my "counselor office stockpile." Here are the things I picked up this year for my Valentines collection. From right to left: a decorative bin with hearts/fencing; below it are gel window stickers that can be put on a door, office window, etc.; next, a Happy Valentines Day bucket which I would use for pens/pencils/etc.; a pack of pastel heart pencils; and last but not least chevron pattern note cards and envelopes.

Side note: as you may have noticed from my blog header, I am a huge fan of the chevron trend. I also have this wonderful black and white chevron case for my iPhone, which I purchased on Etsy. You can buy it here if interested. I had never ordered anything on Etsy before making this purchase and I am one of those people who likes to extensively review items before I purchase them online. Most buyers from this shop noted that delivery took a while, which it did feel that way as I waited for my new case to come in the mail, along with the one I had purchased for my mom for Christmas. But, I was highly satisfied with the item when it arrived. I also liked that I could select what color the case was around the edges and what material it was made of.

Back to my Valentines celebration.

I am "that person" who dresses her dog in clothing. I'm not ashamed of it at all, he is spoiled rotten and I will be the first one to admit it. He is also the cutest dog in the world (not that I'm biased or anything) and the smartest dog as well. I taught him how to roll over in 45 minutes last week. It is now one of his regular tricks. He also knows how to shake and can distinguish between right paw and left paw, he can lay down, he can speak, he can sit, he can beg, he can give a high five, he can walk on his hind legs, he can spin in a circle like a ballerina on his hind legs, and coolest of all, aside from rolling over, he can wave! So, if I want to put Valentine pajamas on him, I will, because he is the best dog in the world. I gave him a new Valentine toy and by last night, I found the toy on the floor of my room and its tail sitting in his bed. Little monster.

I am entering him in a contest this week which proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society. He is participating in the Best Tricks category and possibly the Best Kisser category.

Yesterday I was at the middle school, attending parent conferences this morning, seeing my grief group, working with students in alternative to suspension. I gave out all my candy, save for a few lollipops I wanted to myself, and also received some in return. One student even gave me a cupcake! I gave mom and brother their Valentine treats in the morning. Tonight I will probably make dinner at home for the family. I had no energy after my day at the middle school, so mom picked up Moes and I pigged out on queso, chips and a burrito.

What are you doing did you do to celebrate the holiday of love?

Stay tuned for Valentine's Week fashions!


  1. I love that your socks and what you put Buster in sort of match! And the nails are cute. Thought you might enjoy my friend's blog after I saw your nails.

  2. Thanks for sharing! My mom and I get our nails done (from a friend for a discount) every 2 weeks as a treat to ourselves. I call it our form of therapy :)