Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shopping expedition

Yesterday, I really had the itch to do some shopping. So, while I hung out in town, waiting to meet my brother to pick up my spoiled rotten dog who prefers car rides over being left home alone, I ventured to Old Navy. Old Navy is one of those stores I can almost always guarantee I will find something to buy at. I keep my eyes peeled for those signs that indicate an item is on sale for a much lower price than it originally was and search the entire store twice. This time, I was on a mission for some colored jeans. I tried on 2 pairs, same style, one pair in white and one in red, and the white fit well...the red, on the other hand, were SNUG to say the least. I felt like a sausage being stuffed into casing. Not pretty. They were having a sale, but I decided to hold off on the jeans purchase and check the selection online, which I did today.

 I placed an order for the white jeans and will try them on when they get here. If the result is similar to the fitting room incident I had yesterday then I will promptly return them to the store. We shall see. In today's order, I also picked up a monogrammed sweater, pictured at left, and a blue/turquoise striped tee, pictured to the right.

I did not leave the store empty-handed yesterday, though. I walked away with a sweater that has mostly navy and white stripes but at the top is a mix of seafoam and light blue stripes. It is long-sleeved and has decorative buttons at the top of the sleeves. It is very comfortable and before purchasing I really debated about how much use I would get out of it, and I decided it would be enough use to spend the $11 bucks it cost on sale! Oh, how I love bargain shopping!

In addition to these wonderful Old Navy finds, I am contemplating a possible purchase from Target. I really want these jeans! I'm worried they won't fit after reading the reviews but it doesn't hurt to buy and return if necessary, right?

Check out the other items that I am considering. The blue dress is on sale for dirt cheap ($9.78) and I already own the same style in the green color so I know for a fact that it is a good purchase. I have nothing that shade of blue and can see the potential it has with some sweaters I own, or with a black blazer.

I tried on these ankle pants in store but am debating as to whether I should purchase the petite size online. (FYI: the link is to the petite sizes for the pants, regular sizing is also online.) The regular size fit perfectly except that the length was questionable. You know, that: are they pants that don't fit her or are they suppose to look like that? - type of length.

Also, this shell colored tank is sitting in my shopping cart on the Target website. I see a lot of potential for it but am feeling iffy about the size. I suppose it's one of those that I don't think it would hurt to buy it and return it if the sizing was off though. Still, I think I will let these items hang out in the shopping cart for another day or two and then re-evaluate, though I think I may not eliminate anything in the end.

In other news, part of my motivation to buy some new pieces for my wardrobe may have been brought on by good news. Today I sat for the FTCE PK-12 Guidance and Counseling exam, and the unofficial report is, I PASSED! Yay! That's me in the picture, super thrilled before taking my exam. This day has been three years in the making since applying to graduate school, being accepted, moving back home, and completing over 500 internship hours, at this point. I still have 200 hours left to go before I will pass my classes this semester, plus a few minor projects before then too. I am so excited to graduate with my Masters degree on May 4th! With this final exam out of the way, I plan to start applying with very serious intentions for school counseling positions in the school district where I live. I am beyond excited for this new chapter of my life to start.

All the hard work has been paying off and I can't wait to wear a name tag that says Angela ************, School Counselor.

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