Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guest post

Happy Thursday! 

I'm guest posting today over at More From Meg. Please go check out my post and I also recommend following her blog. Meghan is such a wonderful person. I really love having the opportunity to guest post on others' blogs, even though I get really nervous about it. I get major writer's block when I sit down to write the post.

I am sad that I have been sort of MIA from my blog in these past couple of weeks. Internship, school, social life, and family stuff have been keeping me busy and it's starting to take it's toll on me. Thankfully school is practically over. Today is technically my last day of class, but we do not have to meet in person. I have two assignments left to turn in. I picked up my cap and gown last night. The Masters gown comes with a hood that I haven't quite figured out how to properly wear. I look like a wizard. I tried it on to show my brother and he asked "where's your wand?" I'm graduating from Hogwarts. I decorated my cap with a friend - something I was not allowed to do for undergraduate graduation. I will share a picture tomorrow!

I leave you with some words of wisdom...from the counselor in me.
                                                           Source: via Angela on Pinterest

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  1. Yay for school being over and the end in sight!!!


    1. Thanks lady! 5 days til graduation :)